My wife and I are very pleased with Prime Teacup Pomeranians!! Our puppy was adorable and super loving the minute we got her!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a puppy! Scot and Tracy took very good care of her and educated us on a bunch of things about the pomeranian breed.
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B.
I changed her name to Bella.The name really fits her personality as she is the bell of the ball everywhere we travel. We've been on the train and bus and people take pics with their cell phones, one woman chased me in the grocery store just to pet her πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Tracy.
Lawreta W.
Lawreta W.
I’m having a great time with my puppy, all thanks to Scot and Tracy. The puppy is very playful, social and healthy. A great addition to our family. Tracy was very helpful in facilitating the process to receive the puppy and helpful in letting me know how to care for it as well. I would very much recommend this store.
Lorraine S.
Lorraine S.

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    • They helped me choose the perfect puppy catering to all me demands while giving me some cost friendly suggestions too– P.T
    • I loved the way you people did an extensive background check before handing me a pet. It shows your genuine concern for the puppies – L.W
    • With the variety of Pomeranian puppies you have, it was such a tough choice to make.- I.C
    • They provided me a health certificate that had the dates for the next vaccine shots and routine checkups along with all the pet related details.– J.W
    • After screening innumerable online stores, it was unbelievable to see such low prices for such quality breed puppies – T.S
    • You guys are so dedicated! They will provide you with all that is required to take care of your puppy.- F.O
    • Very friendly, warm and sincere people with amazing dog grooming skills. Highly recommended –P.T
    • Was recommended by my neighbor. And it was an overall fun experience – PO
    • First time I visited teacup pomeranian for sale and I was wowed by just how attentive the owners were towards every customer – T.A
  • Service is excellent, value for money as well, highly recommended for a family pet. A big Thank you to the staff. Will be visiting again soon . – J.T
    • From the moment I visited the store, I have been awestruck by their love and care for each puppy. – P.A
    • With the variety of Pomeranian puppies you have, it was such a tough choice to make.- I.C
    • With the variety of Pomeranian puppies you have, it was such a tough choice to make.- I.C
    • My Puppy-Poppy is my kid’s best friend. Thank you for helping me find her. – J.B
    • Finding a puppy was so cost friendly and easy with you guys.I am definitely recommending you to all my friends – L.A
    • The staff is super friendly. They were very patient with all my questions and helped me find the perfect pet.- T.P
    • Due to my work schedules, I hardly found any time to go purchase a puppy for my family. You guys processed my online request so easily and on β€œTIME”. –P.A
    • Amazing ! Loved your easy to navigate website, smooth online ordering process and the awesome service. – R.P
    • I always wanted a puppy and kept visiting pet stores. My colleague recommended you guys and I just can’t stop bragging about your awesomeness. – T.I
  • Super nice and friendly store! Bella was my first pet. They helped me through the grooming and also taught me about all the medical care and attention the puppies need. – K.T